Online Inbox Ordering and Renewals

In order to help keep everything as easy as possible for all of our customers we are constantly integrating new features into our Control Panel. In the past it has not been possible to order Short Code Keywords and Dedicated Inbound Numbers (DINs) through our Control Panel directly, our latest feature allows you to do just this.


Purchasing a Short Code Keyword or a DIN has never been easier; you can set up a new inbound system and start receiving texts right now by following these three simple steps:

  • Just browse to the Inboxes area of your Control Panel.
  • Click ‘Add New Short Code Keyword/Dedicated Inbound Number’.
  • Purchase a Short Code Keyword or Dedicated Inbound Number of your choice.

More Discounts and NO Contracts

Not only can you now choose to take out either a Short Code or DIN for 1 month at a time but you can also make up to 40% savings if you choose to take one out for a 12 month period.


Renewing current Short Code Keywords and DINs can now also be done seamlessly through our Control Panel, we will contact you via email when it is about to expire. This email will contain a link which, when followed will take you to a simple renewal screen where a payment to extend the life of your Short Code Keyword or DIN can be taken.

In addition to email notifications, warning messages will be displayed on the inbox in question to ensure you’re kept aware of the current status and expiry date of your Inbox.

If you have any questions at all about this new system, please do not hesitate to contact us on either 0845 009 3180 or For more information about Short Code Keywords and Dedicated Inbound numbers, please visit our website.

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