Location Based Services launched

Over the past few years mobile technology has advanced in leaps and bounds with much of it becoming available to consumers. The latest in this long line of technologies is Location Based Services.

Location Based Services (LBS) allow you to locate your consumers when they send a text message to your short code keyword. We can look up their current location and process it in a variety of useful ways:

  • We will place the co-ordinates (latitude, longitude, and an accuracy radius) in your control panel as well as plotting this information for you on a map.
  • We can also host a database containing your store information and locations. This can be used to automatically send back a response to the user containing specific information on their closest store.
  • Alternatively, you can build this all yourself using our FREE SMS API Gateway

To celebrate the launch of our LBS system we are offering you 50% OFF our setup fee (valid until Friday 25th June 2010). This means your LBS system can be set up for only £250 rather than the usual £500. The day to day costs involved in operating LBS are as follows:

Monthly Fee: £25
Location Lookup: 15p/per lookup

All prices exclude VAT.

For more information on our Location Based Services including a live demonstration please click here
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us on 0845 009 3180.

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