Textlocal Score Highly on User Experience, Customer Service and Pricing

Textlocal have received an excellent endorsement from ‘Hello Mails’ the recent review concluded Txlocal provide a powerful and versatile platform for businesses. From the user-friendly interface and feature-rich software to exceptional customer service, we found the whole experience very empowering.’

Here are just some extracts from the article;

User Experience

Textlocal really stand out from competitors, their simple online SMS service is extremely user-friendly. The layout is clear and crisp, everything is where you expect it would be and navigating the interface is quick and effortless. You really don’t have to be technically minded to understand how it works, we managed to set up and send our first campaign in under 15 minutes.

Plus, if you need online help you can download full documentation with detailed explanations. The website demo videos are really helpful and provided a simple visual explanation for us to implement straight away.


Texts are referred to as ‘credits’ and are sold in non-expiring bundles ranging from just 100 to millions and credit prices are very competitive. You simply top up your credit bundles as and when required.

This pay as you go system is a great way of keeping you in control of your budget whilst being easily scalable with your business.

Customer Service

We were overwhelmed by the first-class support offered by Textlocal and any questions we had were quickly answered by email, forum and over the phone. The staff are very friendly and happy to answer even the most basic questions.

Additionally, Textlocal have received a number of awards and recommendations from publications, recently receiving the PC Pro Recommended award as their official ‘SMS service of choice’, this award reinforces our assessment that Textlocal are a great choice of SMS provider.

Textlocal value your feedback, so if you want to comment on any aspect of our service, please email us.


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