Le Cafe Anglais get 30% Response Rate using Textlocal

Textlocal are delighted to be working with Le Cafe Anglais, Porchester Gardens, London.

The critically acclaimed restaurant recently launched their first Textlocal SMS campaign to promote their second birthday party and achieved outstanding results.

Le Cafe Anglais, have traditionally used email marketing to communicate with customers, however, with thousands of mobile numbers at their disposal, they decided to text their customers instead.

The campaign started with Le Cafe Anglais, sending over 14,000 text messages to customers inviting them to their 2nd birthday party. The text advised recipients to reply for a formal invitation to be sent out to them. All replies were automatically received into ‘Le Cafe Anglais’ Textlocal inbox for future use.

The text initiative generated an excellent 30% response rate. This is slightly above the average 5% to 28%* industry standards, whilst the average response rate for email marketing is just 4%**.

One of the reasons for the high response rates could be that all text messages were sent from one of Textlocal’s dedicated inbound numbers, otherwise known as 2-way numbers. By sending texts from the dedicated inbound number, message recipients could simply reply to the message, in the same way, they would to a text sent off a mobile phone, making the reply process so easy for respondents.

Marina Guirey, who organized the text campaign on behalf of Le Café Anglais said the response rates to the text campaigns far exceeded their expectations ‘We achieved amazing results from our text campaigns. The service was easy to set up and very user-friendly.’

Textlocals simple, user-friendly messaging service is used by over 30,000 customers to send millions of instant messages and promotions.

Our dedicated inbound number (2 Way SMS) is ideal if you need immediate replies to your text campaigns, or if you wish to practice 2 way SMS. A dedicated inbound number can be rented for £35 per month.

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**Business Link.

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