Textlocal receive more praise from industry experts

Textlocal have received widespread critical acclaim following the launch of its new online texting service. As well as great reviews from PC Pro, MicroMart and Web User, a recent review by SemText.co.uk concluded “Textlocal offer the most powerful and versatile messaging platform for businesses on the market.”

SemText.co.uk (a mobile services company) assessed Textlocal against competitors in the market, looking at overall pricing, customer service, usability and customer service.

Toby Ludlow (owner of SemText.co.uk) went on to describe the Textlocal service as “feature rich, easy to use and intuitive.” The customer service also came in for praise “first class support, with friendly and happy staff”.

SemTexts’ clients range from small businesses to community groups and sports clubs who will join the thousands of existing clients using the Textlocal service, with millions of messages sent each month.

Alastair Shortland, Textlocal Technical Director, whose team produced the interface, said “We are always delighted with positive feedback, the SemText review is yet another reward for the hard work our development team put in to enhance our market leading, user friendly interface”

Alastair continued “More and more customers are telling us how easy the system is to use and as a result, they are sending more texts. Since the launch of the new control panel we have seen a real increase in the number of people signing up for our service”.

Textlocal values your feedback, so if you want to comment on any aspect of our service, please email us.


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