Text Proves a Hit with Midnight Walkers

Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield, sent a big “thank you” sms text to the 1200 people who attended the recent Midnight Walk held on 20th June 09. The walk was a huge success raising a massive £123,000 in pledge donations.

The hospice were delighted with the amount raised from the walk and wanted to show their appreciation as soon as possible after the event. Rebecca Mason of the hospice said SMS text was chosen as the best communication channel because it offered the most personal, quick and direct route to supporters.

Feedback from supporters after receiving the text was very positive with many people saying how nice it had been to receive a text from the hospice after the event.

Textlocal work with a number of charities throughout the UK and Mobile is providing a useful communication tool for relaying event news and information as well as being used to receive inbound text donations via a short code. Example: Text MONEY to 60777 (to donate £2)

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