IRN-BRU Choose Textlocal for In-store Mobile Marketing Campaign

Soft Drinks firm IRN-BRU, are using Textlocal to deliver a prize draw sms text competition to win Sky packages.

IRN BRU has chosen the Keyword IRN to Short Code 60777 to integrate into the prize draw competition. The keyword and short code number will be advertised on in-store point of sale material to drive entries. Customer’s texting into the keyword will automatically go into the prize draw to win a Sky package.

IRN-BRU has used the Textlocal short code service in the past for similar competitions. A spokesperson working on the campaign says text is a good way to “engage audiences” and provides a “useful direct response mechanism” for people to respond to while on the move.

The Textlocal Short Code (60777) is growing in popularity every month as more businesses integrate text into their standard marketing material. It is now becoming standard practice across the board for businesses to include a keyword and short code on their websites, leaflets, brochures and adverts, providing another channel for customers and prospects to respond to.

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