Gaza Petition Delivers 100,000 Text Responses to Downing Street

Save the Children has run an SMS text appeal campaign, aimed at putting pressure on Downing Street to do everything in their power to end the violence in Gaza. The campaign was featured in all the major press publications including The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and The Daily Mail.

The campaign carried the following call to action: “Text CEASEFIRE to 81819 to register your support for an end to the violence in Gaza.” There were 115,000 responses to the campaign over a three day period. All respondents were later sent a text with further information on the initiative and a request for the text to be forwarded on to friends “Save the Children is taking 115k CEASEFIRE requests 2 Downing St @ 3pm today. We need more. Pls ask your friends to Txt CEASEFIRE to 81819”.

Adrian Lovett of Save the Children’s Director of Campaigns said: “This is an unprecedented response and the message from our text campaign is loud and clear – the British public care about what is happening in Gaza and want an end to the bombing.”

The strength of mobile lies in the fact that it’s a highly viral and interactive communication tool, capable of engaging people 24/7, no matter where they are located.

Mobile communication is growing in popularity with charities and public sector organisations looking to engage the public. Recently text messaging was used in the US Presidential election which swept Barack Obama to power, with many people donating funds to his campaign via mobile texting.

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