Textlocal Launch LightningCards – Mobile Phone Greetings Cards

Textlocal are pleased to announce the launch of its brand new sister company LightningCards. LightningCards enables you to send personalised, animated cards with sound directly to a mobile phone.

LightningCards is the first company of its kind and in an era dominated by the mobile phone the business is expected to be a huge hit with text fans.

A spokesperson for LightningCards said “These days virtually everyone has a mobile phone so we think it makes sense to be able to send greeting cards via the mobile. People love receiving texts and because LightningCards are so innovative, fun and lively we’re certain they will be very popular. Our target market is the 18 to 30 year age group, typically the biggest texters”

The www.lightningcards.co.uk website features an impressive range of over 100 fun and entertaining cards, including Birthdays, Christmas, Easter & Valentines. The animations are tailored to every seasonal celebration, from bouncing Easter bunnies to Ski-ing Santa’s and doting couples on Valentine’s day.

The animated greeting cards are sent via MMS multi-media technology so the message is sent fully to the recipient’s phone and the recipient doesn’t incur any download costs. The cards can be sent individually for £2.00 or to groups of contacts at a special rate depending on volumes sent.

Find out more about LightningCards at www.lightningcards.co.uk

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