Bulk SMS Software – Did you get the message?

Text messaging is not as popular in the U.S. as it is in the UK. However, this isn’t stopping Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign team utilising the power of this technology to mobilize people.

The Obama campaign is now banking on the viral nature of text messages to interact with people and is set to become a key communication tool in election day, with texts such as “C u @ d polls. wear ur Obama shirt, k?! ” Obama and McCain’s big generational gap is reflected in the style of their campaign. McCain’s campaign is more traditional (e.g. town hall meetings, attack ads) while Obama’s is more tech-savvy (e.g. Twitter, Youtube, social networks, killer website, text messaging; see Obama’s Wide Web). If Obama wins the presidential race, then a crucial factor could be credited to Obama’s embrace of millennial marketing–the same grassroots movement that won him the Democratic primary.

Textlocal provide fast, reliable and affordable bulk sms mobile marketing solutions for both local and national government initiatives, such as London Mayor elections and county councils.

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