The Mobile, the gizmo we just can’t live without

If you sometimes wonder how you ever got by without a mobile, you’re in good company.

According to a poll compiled by website, more than a quarter of voters think the mobile is the gadget that has altered our behaviour the most. And for the young it’s even more important.  Of those aged 16-24, 42% named it as their favourite life changing gadget. The mobile was streets ahead of other popular devices such as MP3 players, Laptops, Sat navs, Digital cameras, DVD players and TV’s.

Today their are more than 3.3 billion mobiles in the world and Britain has the highest rates of ownership. Jess Ross the editor of the website said “Forget games consoles and TV’s, we’ve found that the mobile phone is the gadget that people say has changed their life, it’s no wonder they were queuing around the block the latest Iphone”.

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