Text donations raise £20,000 for Charity

Eleven time Grammy award winner Alicia Keys raised over £20,000 during her “As I am” concert tour by encouraging text message donations from fans.

Alicia teamed up with the Mobile Giving Foundation to entice text message donations of £2.50 from her audience. To encourage donations she showed a film clip from Africa, Journey to the Motherland and then asked her fans to text the word “ALIVE” to Short Code 90999. The text automatically sent the donation and showed up on their monthly phone bill.

Mobile text donations is a an excellent way of raising funds from a target audience. The integration of having a real world experience (being at a concert), seeing a media presentation (the film clip) and then asking for the response on mobile is exactly the right formula. The fact that the target market is the generation for whom text messaging is as easy as breathing makes it all that much better.

Our hat is tipped to Alicia Keys and all the early adopter fans who made donations.

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