Helping you get back to business with SMS messaging

How small businesses can use SMS to support a successful re-opening

No business has been able to escape the severe impact that Coronavirus brought to the world in 2020, and the effects will likely be felt for years to come. But as businesses are slowly given the go-ahead from the Government to start opening their doors again, communication is key to making sure it’s done successfully and safely.

We’ve put this short guide together to inspire small businesses on how simple SMS communications can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your re-opening and future success. Whether that’s sharing new opening times or simplifying the track and trace process.

Helping you get back to business with SMS 

Why choose SMS? Here are some top use cases on the benefits of SMS for business messaging.

It's cost effective

There are no contracts or commitments with a Textlocal Messenger account, just top up your credit balance when you need to.

No lengthy setup times 

Get going in minutes and start sending messages right away. You don’t need any technical know-how to set up your SMS sends.

Cut through the noise 

Email inboxes and social new feeds have been overwhelmed more than normal during the lockdown as businesses stay in touch and share their latest offers and ways of working. Interrupt the noise and deliver your message straight to your customers’ SMS inbox.

Effective track and trace management

Utilise an SMS keyword to help keep things simple when it comes to registering customer details. When people arrive, they can text a single keyword to a short number rather than filling out paper forms, waiting for someone to take their number or having to download a scanner app.

Special offers 

Broadcast your special offers via SMS to cut through the noise of email and social media marketing. What better way to welcome back your customers or encourage them to visit you in-store than with an unmissable promotion?

Staying safe 

It’s important that your customers feel safe when visiting your premises, so reassure them with what cleaning measures you have in place, one-way systems, facemask policies, or how many people are permitted to be inside at one time.

Download our back to business guide

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