Apple Messages for Business

Deliver rich contextual messaging experiences to your customers through Apple Messages for Business

Redefine conversational messaging experiences

Apple Messages for Business is a brand new way for customers to easily and seamlessly interact with businesses through their Apple devices. This includes the iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple Watch.

Users of Messages for Business can connect with businesses to ask for information, schedule in appointments, make bookings and complete purchases with a single touch via Apple Pay. This can all be achieved through the native Apple Messages app.

Personalised messaging experiences for your customers

Apple Messages for Business enables users and customers to contact your business via a wide variety of methods, all from their Apple devices. Your customers can start a conversation with you in Maps, Safari, Siri, Search or any website.

Customers have never been able to interact with your business this easily before. Users can make the most of AI-assisted functionality to experience the best messaging user journeys.

Agent assisted customer service with IMIchat, our multichannel chat product

Provide a seamless customer service experience to your customers with the use of Apple Messages for Business. With IMIchat, your live agents can respond to inbound enquiries through Apple Messages for Business – creating a seamless experience for both the customer and your customer service team.

Build powerful Apple Messages for Business journeys in minutes

Use IMIconnect, our multichannel configurable solution, and the drag-and-drop flow builder to build, set-up and deploy end-to-end Apple Messages for Business messaging flows.

A communication flow that takes months to build using traditionally intensive programming can today be built and launched within minutes using IMIconnect.

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